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In February of 2006 Singer/Songwriter Katie Reider developed a rare tumor in her upper left jaw that progressed into her skull base, ate into her face, left her blind in one eye, robbed her of her voice and ability to perform, before taking her life on July 14, 2008 at the age of 30.


For over 10 years singer/songwriter Katie Reider (pronounced RIDER) has inspired the hearts of thousands with her music and genuine personality.
Just as she was reaching the peak of her music career Katie developed a rare Myofibroblastic Inflammation Tumor that ate into the left side of her face, took away her voice, sight in one eye, and her ability to perform, before
ultimately taking her life on July 14, 2008 at the age of 30., was launched on May 23, 2008 with the help of Katie Reider's loyal fanbase to introduce 500,000 people in 365 days to Katie Reider, her music and her story as she continued to undergo treatment for the rare tumor, that ultimately took away her life, but not her will to live. Read more here -

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An in depth timeline of what Katie has had to endure with this rare disease over the course of two years.


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100% of the proceeds from these $1.00 downloads go to Katie Reider’s 500K Web-Based Benefit Fund to help support
Katie's Family throughout the next year, as we continue to develop ongoing efforts to help keep Katie Reider's voice alive.

Music Download #1

'katie's Voice' - by Katie Reider
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‘katie’s Voice’ is a digital compilation of 9 original songs written and
performed by singer songwriter Katie Reider over the last 10 years.
‘katie’s Voice’ for a $1.00 donation to her


Music Download #2

'Katie Reider Live: Through Time' - by Katie Reider
LISTEN HERE - Download for $1.00

Katie’s genuine talent, raw wit and openness will continue to live on forever through her music. ‘Katie Reider Live: Through Time’ is a digital compilation of 10 original songs performed by Katie throughout the last 10 years. Download for a $1.00 donation and get a glimpse intothe many moments Katie has shared with us on stage.

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No Retakes with Karen Reider - May 23, 2009
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In the wake of an unimaginable loss, Karen Reider took the rule book on coping with grief, ripped it up and threw it away. Five months after Katie Reider died, her partner of 10 years, quit her job at BMW, gave away, or sold many of her things and climbed into a blue MiniVan with three suitcases a small Canon HD video camera and her two sons,
4-year-old Aiden and 2-year-old Koen to embark on a year long journey across the country.


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